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AOpen AK76F SiS Display Driver

Nvidia nview multi-display technology vgatv-out & dvi geforce fx mb . mhz ak75 pro mhz ak76fn mhz ax63 mhz pc .. ualatin iiit va sis 5t ualatin piiitlm piii- lmb aopen: ax34 pro ii. 主要な型番:Aopen AK33, AK72, AK73, AK73 Pro, AK73 Pro, AK73, AKV, AK, AK, AKV, AK75, AK75 Pro, AK76FN, AK77 Plus, AK Specifications: CPU: Socket A Support AMD Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron CPU FSB MHz - Chipset: SIS FX SIS - Main Memory.


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AOpen AK76F SiS Display Driver

AOPEN AK76F-400N Online Manual

AOpen - Official Site ; Please select your region: Global Website; Asia Pacific. Pick Manual from the "Categories" menu and then search for the product using the "Keyword" or "Search By" menu.


L2 cache: Looking to download vga driver for mxn - Fixya ; Looking to download vga driver for mxn motherboard. AOpen Motherboard owners manual user guide download pdf We are an established AOpen AK76F SiS Display leader, from motherboards to monitors, to multimedia add-on … www. I normally run my 1GHz Thunderbird at 1.

This is stable, but I have difficulty overclocking the CPU much beyond this. To test the overclocking potential of this memory, I changed the multiplier back to its default of x10 and instead started increasing the FSB. At MHz, the memory bus is running at MHz.

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Well beyond its specification of MHz As proof, I AOpen AK76F SiS Display the score below. A 19 overclock is a rare achievement with this chipset. It easily surpassed its MHz specification and ran at MHz at In simple terms, this test illustrated one of the benefits of quality RAM. Quantity of RAM The above tests have established the importance of quality, but what of quantity.

It is certainly easy to define the lower limit. Any machine running Windows will need at least 64MB of memory to avoid swapping with one or two applications running.


For most home users, MB of RAM is sufficient to support Windows, games and activities such as web browsing and word processing. More than MB is AOpen AK76F SiS Display necessary for memory intensive activities such as photo editing, video capture or running the computer with several applications open simultaneously. It is hard to conceive of situations where a home user would ever require more than MB.

Some users experience stability issues when adding additional DIMMs to their motherboard, but this did not prove a problem for me. This is probably due to the quality of the RAM.

2GB 2 X 1GB PC DDR MHz CL Non ECC DIMM Desktop Memory RAM eBay

I did notice, however, a small but noticeable drop in memory bandwidth as additional DIMMs were added, although the ability to overclock the system was not affected. I assume this reduction in throughput is due to the additional overhead placed on the memory controller AOpen AK76F SiS Display additional DIMMs are used, although I have no evidence for this.

It is therefore worth noting that you should only add enough memory to ensure your machine doesn t need to access virtual memory the disk. Additional memory above and beyond this may actual reduce performance slightly.

Gigabyte Ga Update (V), 9/22/ Complete list of downloadable drivers.

This is really to be expected: Assuming AOpen AK76F SiS Display memory is a quality brand, and hence stable, the difference is therefore one of overclockability which is determined by the design of the DIMM circuitry and choice of RAM chip and price. Conclusions These tests have shown a number of things: Furthermore, PC is often the cause of stability problems on Athlon motherboards. Therefore only ever add as much memory as you need.

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