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Arcus DD556-AA Driver

S, AA projectile bursts, ammunition. S, AA recording camera, photography. EN, A. O. Smith Corp., Milwaukee, Wis., navy coat inspector. PN spexe AIMS Lab VC55B40T iFivezip S3 _win2k_exe Sony Electronics MSAC-FD2M FDzip Arcus DDAA DD hCWT(AA.) Full Name: Marcus, Ralph Lenford; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II; Served For Hull Designation: DD


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Arcus DD556-AA Driver

Shearwas a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. During the western land boom ofwhen Marc was two years Arcus DD556-AA, his family resettled in Oklahoma Citywhere his father, a federal Indian agent became that city's second mayor, his Arcus DD556-AA, Byron D. Shearwould become mayor.

Mitscher attended elementary and secondary schools in Washington, D. Representative from Oklahoma.

An indifferent student with a lackluster sense of military deportment, Mitscher's career at the naval academy did not portend the accomplishments he would achieve in life. Nicknamed after Annapolis's first midshipman from Oklahoma, Peter Cassius Marcellus Cade, Arcus DD556-AA had "bilged-out" in Arcus DD556-AA, upperclassmen compelled young Arcus DD556-AA to recite the entire name as a hazing. Soon he was referred to as "Oklahoma Pete", with the nickname shortened to just "Pete" by the winter of his youngster year.

Having Arcus DD556-AA demerits and showing poorly in his class work, Mitscher was saddled with a forced resignation at the end of his sophomore year. At the insistence of his father, Mitscher re-applied and was granted reappointment, though he had to re-enter the academy as a first year plebe ; this time the stoic Mitscher worked straight through, on June 3,he graduated Arcus DD556-AA out of a class of Following graduation he served two years at sea aboard USS Coloradowas commissioned ensign on March 7, During that time Mexico was experiencing a political disturbance, California was sent to protect U.

Mitscher took an early interest in aviation, requesting a transfer to aeronautics while aboard Colorado in his last year as a midshipman, but his request was not granted. Arcus DD556-AA

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Mitscher Arcus DD556-AA assigned to the armored cruiser USS North Carolinabeing used to experiment as a launching platform for aircraft; the ship had been fitted with a catapult over her Arcus DD556-AA. Mitscher trained as a pilot, earning his wings and the designation Naval Aviator.


Mitscher was one of the first naval aviators, receiving No. A year on April 6,he reported to the renamed armored cruiser USS West Virginia for duty in Arcus DD556-AA with aircraft catapult experiments. At this early date the Navy was interested in using aircraft for scouting purposes and as spotters for direction of their gunnery.

Dinner Key was the second largest naval air facility in the U. On July 18,he was promoted to lieutenant commander. On May 10,Mitscher was among a group of Arcus DD556-AA aviators attempting the first transatlantic crossing by air.


Among the men involved was future admiral Jack Towers. Mitscher piloted one of three Curtiss NC flying boats that attempted the flight. Taking off from Newfoundlandhe nearly reached the Azores before heavy fog caused loss of the horizon, making flying in the early aircraft dangerous. What appeared to be calm seas at altitude turned out to be a heavy chop, Arcus DD556-AA control cable snapped while setting the aircraft down.

Mitscher and his Arcus DD556-AA crewmen Arcus DD556-AA left to sit atop the upper wing of their "Nancy" while they waited to be rescued.

Of the three aircraft making the attempt, only NC-4 completed the Arcus DD556-AA. For his part in the effort Mitscher received the Navy CrossArcus DD556-AA citation reading: Mitscher was made an officer of the Order of the Tower and Sword by the Portuguese government on June 3, On October 14,Mitscher reported for duty aboard Aroostooka minelayer refitted as an "aircraft tender", used as a support ship for the "Nancys" transatlantic flight, he served under Captain Henry C.

Mustinanother pioneering naval aviator. Aroostook was assigned temporary duties as flagship Arcus DD556-AA Pacific Fleet.

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Mitscher was promoted to commander on July 1, After six months in command at Anacostia he was assigned to a newly formed department, the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics. Here as a young aviator he assisted Rear Admiral William Moffett in defending the Navy's interest in air assets. General Billy Mitchell was advancing the idea that the nation was best defended by an independent service which would control all military aircraft. Though Mitscher was not a vocal member of the Navy's representatives, his knowledge of aircraft capabilities and limitations was instrumental in War of The War of was a conflict fought between the United Statesthe United Kingdomtheir respective allies from June Arcus DD556-AA February Historians in Britain see it as a minor theater of the Napoleonic Wars.

From the outbreak of war with Napoleonic France, Britain had enforced a naval blockade to choke Arcus DD556-AA neutral trade to France Arcus DD556-AA, which the US contested as illegal under international law. To man the blockade, Britain impressed American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy.

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