BAK BK-3300 DRIVERS (2019)

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BAK BK-3300 Driver

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BAK BK-3300 Driver

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BAK BK-3300 When the cassette is slid out, the lifter gear retaining lever is freed, thereby allowing the lifter to move down. If the main power is cut while the lifter is moving up, BAK BK-3300 lifter is held up with the claw used to move up the lifter remaining in contact with the lifter gear; the lifter will not be fully released in this condition, and damage can occur if the cassette is forced out. Be sure to turn off and then on the main power so that the machine will be in BAK BK-3300 state whenever the cassette must be slid out.

The figure below shows how the drive of the pickup roller is controlled. In standby state, the pickup roller is at the uppermost position; during pickup operation, BAK BK-3300 the other hand, it moves down to reach the paper surface. It operates as follows to pick up a single sheet of paper: Arrangement of the Pickup Roller Roller holder. If a delay is still detected after a retry, the control panel indicates the Jam message.

Start key ON Retry operation started. To enable removal from the right cover side, the following operation takes plate: The paper will be moved BAK BK-3300 a point where it is in view when the right cover is opened.

If the jam is not in view when the right cover is opened, it may be removed from the cassette side. Start key ON Retry started Jam indicator removal from right cover side. The cassette rear end pushes in the lever 1 of the pickup unit. The cam is released when the pickup roller shaft pushes one side of the lifter trigger lever, and the drive from the main motor M1 move sup the lifter. BAK BK-3300 the pickup roller remaining in contact BAK BK-3300 the paper surface moves up to a specific height, the BAK BK-3300 of the levers cause the pickup roller shaft to return to the uppermost position to end the upward movement of the lifter.

When the lever 1 rotates, the pickup roller shaft moves so that the pickup roller and the cassette will not interfere with each other. When the cassette is slid out, the lever 1 rotates causing the separation roller to move down, thereby removing the pressure between the separation roller and the feeding roller. Releasing the Lifter The lifter is released when the cassette is slid out while the machine is in standby state.

When paper starts to run out, the lifter gradually moves up; when paper fully runs out, the cassette paper sensor Q for cassette 1 identifies the condition as indicating the absence of paper. Sensor 2 Sensor 1 Light-blocking plate Lifter Note: The diagram is a view from the rear of the copying machine.

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F Detecting the Level of Paper in the Cassette upper cassette holder The BAK BK-3300 of paper inside the cassette is indicated on the control panel in terms of four levels including the absence of paper. Indication 3 bars 2 bars 1 bar BAK BK-3300 bar 0: The ABsetting and the Inch-setting are switched over using the switch found next to the dial.


When the BAK BK-3300 is set to an appropriate paper size and the cassette is slid into the machine, the BAK BK-3300 cassette size detecting switches recognize the size of the paper based on the resulting combination of indentations and protrusions of the size detecting cam. When the cassette is slid into the machine, the BAK BK-3300 side detecting switch recognizes the paper configuration AB or Inch. The following diagram shows the rotary label attached to the dial, and the following table shows the paper sizes that are recognized by the machine:


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