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Audio Excel AV302 Driver

Guide to using M-Audio Audiophile USB with ALSA and Jack. This card is also known as Audio Excel DSP 16 or Zoltrix AV Added driver for Gallant SC card and clones: Audio Excel DSP 16 and Zoltrix AV Hwmon drivers. ■ Added driver for FSC chips. To have the card produce sound, use aplaymidi from alsa-utils: aplaymidi -p This card is also known as Audio Excel DSP 16 or Zoltrix AV


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Audio Excel AV302 Driver

On these channels, up to 4 streams can be played at the same time, and the controller can perform sample rate conversion with separate rates for each channel.

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The correct implemented board should work with 4 or 5. See Links and Addresses below. Module for virtual rawmidi devices. This module creates virtual rawmidi devices which communicate to the corresponding ALSA sequencer ports.

[PATCH] Lock down drivers that can have io ports, io mem, irqs and dma changed

When no hotplug fw loader is available, you need to load the firmware via vxloader utility in alsa-tools package. The smaller size gives smaller Audio Excel AV302 but leads to more CPU consumption, too.

The size is usually aligned to With the older 2. The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices, but some might be unknown or wrongly detected. In such a case, pass the proper value with this option. When the kernel is configured with ISA-PnP support, the Audio Excel AV302 supporting the isapnp cards will have module Audio Excel AV302 isapnp.

The ALSA drivers can be loaded automatically on demand by defining module aliases. Usually, define this as the same card module.

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To enable the auto-loading of multiple cards, specify the number of sound cards in that option. In this example, the interwave card is always loaded as the first card index 0 and ens as the second index 1.

Alternative and new way to fixate the slot assignment is to use slots option of snd module. In the case above, specify like the following:.


Then, the first slot 0 is reserved for snd-interwave driver, and the second 1 for snd-ens The slots option is especially useful for avoiding the Audio Excel AV302 hot-plugging and the resultant slot conflict. For example, in the case above again, the first two slots are already reserved. If any other driver e.

The ALSA devices have either c or p suffix indicating the direction, capture and playback, respectively. Please note that the device mapping above may be varied via the module options of snd-pcm-oss Audio Excel AV302. Some drivers e.

In writing, you can send the following commands to the snd-page-alloc driver:. They take integer numbers 0x prefix is needed for the hex. Pass 0 Audio Excel AV302 not restricted.

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The user can load modules with options. If the module supports more than one card and you have more than one card of the same type then you can specify multiple values for the option separated by commas.

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The core ALSA module. It is used by all ALSA card drivers.


It takes the following options which have global effects. This module takes options which change the mapping of devices.

This Audio Excel AV302 supports multiple cards. It does not support autoprobe, so the port must be specified. For actual AdLib FM cards it will be 0x Make sure you have sbiload from the alsa-tools package available Audio Excel AV302, after loading the module, find out the assigned ALSA sequencer port number through sbiload -l. Load the std.

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