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How to contact us. Call us. T T 02 F 02 Where to find us. 3/67 Wigg Street WODONGA VIC Send us mail. PO BOX  Missing: M66xN. The Aros, other wise known as umuchukwu (children of the supreme God and army, and the well organized Aro system of government and infrastructure were  Missing: M66xN. The ARO Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is an effective and economical system which installs at your kitchen sink and can provide your whole family  Missing: M66xN.


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In addition, the cash settlement amount you will receive on the stated maturity date if the notes were not previously automatically called will be based on the closing level of the index on the determination date and, therefore, the closing level of the index on dates other than the determination date will have no effect on any cash settlement amount paid in respect of your notes on the stated maturity date.

Therefore, for example, if the closing level of the index dropped precipitously on the determination date, ARO-SYSTEM M66xN cash settlement amount for the ARO-SYSTEM M66xN may be significantly less than it otherwise would have been had the cash settlement amount been linked to the closing ARO-SYSTEM M66xN of the index prior to such drop. Although the actual closing level of the index on the applicable call payment dates, the stated maturity date or at other times during the life of the notes may be higher than the closing level of the index on the call observation dates or ARO-SYSTEM M66xN final index level on the determination date, you will not benefit from the closing level of the index at any time other than on the call observation dates or on the determination date.

Even if the closing level of the index on a call observation date exceeds the applicable call level, causing the notes to be automatically called, the cash settlement amount on the call payment date will be limited due to the applicable call return. Your Notes Are Subject to Automatic Redemption We will automatically call and redeem all, but not part, of your notes on a call payment date, if, as ARO-SYSTEM M66xN on any ARO-SYSTEM M66xN observation date, the closing level of the index is greater than or ARO-SYSTEM M66xN to the applicable call level.

Therefore, the term for your notes may be reduced and you will not receive ARO-SYSTEM M66xN further payments on the notes since your notes will no longer be outstanding. You may not be able to reinvest the proceeds from an investment in the notes ARO-SYSTEM M66xN a comparable return for a similar level of risk in the event the notes are called prior to maturity.

The index measures the performance of the total return index, which includes the underlying stocks and, in certain ARO-SYSTEM M66xN, the money market position, less the sum of the return on the notional interest rate plus 0.

Automatic Dewatering System

Increases in the level of the notional interest rate may offset in whole or in part increases in the levels of the underlying stocks. As a result, any ARO-SYSTEM M66xN on the index — and thus on your notes — ARO-SYSTEM M66xN be reduced or eliminated, which will have ARO-SYSTEM M66xN effect of reducing the amount payable in respect of your notes. The total return index must produce positive returns at least as great as the sum of the return on the notional interest rate plus 0.

ARO-SYSTEM M66xN index, through the total return index, may allocate its entire exposure to the money market position, ARO-SYSTEM M66xN return on which will always be less than the sum of the return on 3-month USD LIBOR plus 0. The greater the percentage of the ARO-SYSTEM M66xN allocated to the money market position, the higher the return that will ARO-SYSTEM M66xN required on the underlying stocks in order to have a return on your investment.

Beyond that, the exposure of the index at any time could be limited to the money market position. It is not known if, or how, these updates could affect the current constituents of the index.

Automatic Dewatering System

Although your investment in the notes will not result in the ownership or other direct interest in the underlying stocks that ARO-SYSTEM M66xN the index, the return on your investment in the notes will be subject to certain risks and other factors similar to those associated with direct investments in the sectors and sub-industries represented by the underlying stocks and also will be subject to reduction by the sum of the return on the notional interest rate plus 0. For example, factors affecting companies in the industrials sector include ARO-SYSTEM M66xN regulation, funding and spending and competition, both domestically and internationally, including competitive government contract bidding, world events, exchange rates, economic conditions, technological developments, liabilities ARO-SYSTEM M66xN environmental damage and general civil liabilities.

Fortunately, today the Aros appear to ARO-SYSTEM M66xN back in their progressive and enlightening mode. We have taken the lead today in forming this All Aro umbrella organization to which every local Aro organization in the diaspora MUST belong. I salute you all my brothers and sisters for your meeting of ARO-SYSTEM M66xN minds to make this a reality.


Now we have succeeded in pulling this wonderful taks ARO-SYSTEM M66xN, what do we do with it? Do we structure it as a social feel-good, food-eating, beer-drinking vehicle? Hell no. You bet.


How ARO-SYSTEM M66xN we go about achieving this? The answer my brethren lies in the eight point agenda set forth by Mazi S.

Onwukwe, a distinguished Aro elder, and an authority in the history of the Aro people. I find this eight point program as relevant today as they were ARO-SYSTEM M66xN time he developed them.

Effective Organization. Personal and unselfish sacrifices of all Aro citizens.


Effective and honest application and management of resources. A well-laid out program ARO-SYSTEM M66xN development beneficial to all Aro communities.

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Peaceful coexistence with our neighboring communities. Continuous program of research and development.

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Preservation of Aro culture. If we and ARO-SYSTEM M66xN Aro generations can implement the above visions by Mazi Onwukwe, we would be on our way once again to reviving our beloved Aro state. Walk tall and be proud ARO-SYSTEM M66xN our heritage.

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