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Amoi T515 platform Driver

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Amoi T515 platform Driver

Following the end of last year Ylmf OS, the rain forest air again in January 14 Amoi T515 platform year, launched the English version of the system and its independent domain XP. COM provided a download link, its services and expand overseas overseas users of the Internet market spare bedding.


Raising a year ago, Microsoft Amoi T515 platform stick, tomato garden succumbed in droves. To avoid unnecessary disputes, also accused of piracy, "rain forest wind Studio" dissolved, and enter a stage of independent research and development.

Under its influence, the domestic other Amoi T515 platform system optimization team have also dissolved. Christmas Evea year after leaving the rain forest the wind carry Ylmf OS operating system to return to Amoi T515 platform field. Giving users a free operating system at the same time, Ylmf OS also makes the industry an uproar: In addition to using the Linux kernel outside interface with the XP operating system used exactly the same infringement endless questions.

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In fact, the current legal environment in China, whether in source or software interface, Ylmf OS are safe within the base line. For the rain forest the wind, the real test is "cottage XP" can Amoi T515 platform their national dreams.

OctoPlus Pro Box Full (LG+SAM+JTAG+EMMC) 3in1

By the end ofthe rain forest the wind started the Linux-based independent research and development project, launched last year Ylmf OS. This is an open source operating system that is open source code operating system, anyone is free to Amoi T515 platform, re-build Windows XP non-open source system.

An experienced Ylmf OS in the industry, said: Lai Linfeng have smiled Amoi T515 platform said, "We play more of a skill, not technology, and even a sense, Ylmf OS is everyone's. In this Amoi T515 platform, Lai Linfeng that friends say is their freedom of speech. But if the "cottage XP" this view so that everyone can have one more way to access and understand Linux, they do a good thing.

Lai Linfeng frankly, "Windows XP operating system is one of welcome by the user, Ylmf OS does draw some of its style, mainly taking into account the habits of most users, allows users Amoi T515 platform quickly start with Linux. COM, Lai Linfeng spent thousands of dollars.


Although XP. COM point Ylmf OS users refer to as the cottage home was another act, but as a promotional tool, this approach obviously worked. Up to now, Ylmf OS downloads has reached more than 30 million. Infringement is a pseudo-proposition Rain forest wind hoping to Ylmf OS out of the quagmire Amoi T515 platform piracy and clean and simply Amoi T515 platform the desktop operating system. But the Windows XP interface to its high imitation behavior elicited an infringement or challenge the Voice.

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Ylmf OS release within ten days, which caused Microsoft's attention. In a media interview, Microsoft said that "we have not assessed this system code, but You Yu-based Linux, Dangqian difficult to apply the anti-piracy laws. Amoi T515 platform, we must Yiju Intellectual Property France's overall spirit to protect themselves. As how to determine infringement, long on Amoi T515 platform details of the legal provisions, there is no need to discuss from the spirit of the law.

Amoi T515 platform Drivers

If the infringement of the legal question of whether there are further changes, we will then discuss their research. Amoi T515 platform, we need only consider whether or not that dress infringement, and if an infringement, the infringement of degree.

Lailin Feng believes that the issue of infringement on Ylmf OS is a misleading, "If the appearance and operation of similar habits is the infringement, if a little exaggeration, and for example display style is simplicity, and many brands of screen Amoi T515 platform A simple screen 4 side, not the LOGO you really can not tell what brand, as well as Amoi T515 platform the screen so few operations on the keys, you can say who they are invading whose rights?

This is exactly mimic the interface difficult to judge whether the reasons for infringement. In rich countries that Microsoft itself is not taking into account the earliest founders of the graphical interface, a simple graphical interface on the concept of point of view, can not directly determine the rain forest wind infringement. But he also pointed Amoi T515 platform that if the number of boot screen, desktop wallpaper, introduced as an independent text and other works protected by copyright law, then, of these works unauthorized commercial use, is most likely constitute copyright infringement.

Amoi T515 platform Ylmf OS extension interface uses Microsoft's enough real ones to fake boot screen, but Lailin Feng Amoi T515 platform that it was advertising gimmick, they actually use the boot screen, desktop wallpaper, etc. It is reported that Microsoft recently received an official in the well-known technology website Ars Technica interview, said: The real test During the interview, Lai Linfeng repeatedly stressed that the rain forest wind Ylmf OS is launched with a strong national complex.

Able to circumvent the number of information security?

Therefore, the rain forest the wind did not intend to return by what Ylmf OS, just hope that we can try to accept something different, so that the open source operating systems in the country to promote the open. However, Amoi T515 platform monopoly desktop operating system market, Microsoft, Ylmf OS If you can not blaze a way to survive, this dream is a shattered nation. Linux, the audience has long been a high-end user group is an important factor contributing to this situation.

OctoPlus Pro Box Full (LG+SAM+JTAG+EMMC) 3in1

As the high-end positioning, the demands of ordinary Amoi T515 platform often can not be well satisfied, on Amoi T515 platform basis of the Linux operating system developed with Microsoft Windows XP and other mainstream systems vary widely, many users purchase pre-installed Linux, the Internet copies are will re-install the high price of the genuine system, or Microsoft system illegal. Lai Linfeng clearly seen on the crux of the problem, so when he independently developed the operating system market posture Shahui, it wanted to Amoi T515 platform a "sought to close the attitude of most civilian users, to meet the needs of ordinary users" of the desktop operating system.

For many senior developers the Linux system did not solve the compatibility problems, has always been good at Windows XP's rain forest wind energy to solve this? Ylmf OS's popularity, not through a simple interface can be implemented imitation.

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