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3M arizona 30 Driver

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3M arizona 30 Driver

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Here are the details:. The Blue Model 3 has 3M CR70 on the sides and back window the front cannot be done without risking blowing up the computer as discussed in other threads. The Black Model 3M arizona 30 has no tint. So question: I cooled the cabins on both to 74 degrees.

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I 3M arizona 30 pulled them out into the courtyard in front of our garage where they could 3M arizona 30 exposed to the sun side-by-side with no shade. Then I watched and waited I recorded the app as it tracked the temperature changes, so I may get around to editing a video of the experiment but it is a huge file so To be sure, I repeated the experiment twice.

The two vehicles increased in temperature more or less in lock step both times. By the end of 30 minutes the Black M3 no tint was at degrees 3M arizona 30 the Blue one with tint was at degrees.

One could argue that since the black car absorbs more heat than the blue one, the deck was stacked in favor of the 3M arizona 30 tint. So the question is why?

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It is probably the windshield and maybe though I doubt it the pano roof. Since the windshield is un-tinted because 3M arizona 30 that computer issue, there is still plenty 3M arizona 30 greenhouse effect there and even if we are rejecting heat from the side and back, it is not enough to make a difference. In any case, proof positive that the 3M crystalline tint is a total waste of money to put on the sides and on the 3M arizona 30 if your intention is to a keep the vehicle cooler while parked or b help the AC work less when driving.

Do you think if we did the same experiment with older cars, we'd find improved results with tinting?


I'm curious if Tesla is using better glasses to keep out the heat? Also, hate to ask you this, but are you interested enough in trying out an experiment with sun shades you put inside the car on the 3M arizona 30 I live in Texas and 3M arizona 30 a newer VW Passat. The sun shades definitely help keep the car cooler, and I haven't gotten any tinting on it. But I was planning to on the Model 3, but not anymore!

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Updated results: 3M arizona 30 let the experiment run for an extra hour by which I mean I did not get around to pulling the cars back into the garage. Tinted vehicle: Untinted vehicle: Sounds to me like you conducted a very 3M arizona 30 and objective experiment. I think you saved the consuming public a lot of needless expense and trouble with your findings.


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