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Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID Driver

Onboard SATA/RAID, 2 x SATA Gb/s ports (white) with RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 3 x SATA Gb/s ports (blue) with RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10Onboard SATA/RAID‎: ‎2 x SATA Gb/s ports. ASROCK H67DE3 Manual Online: Setting The Bios Raid Items, Configuring The Intel Raid Bios. After Installing The Hard Sata hard disks installation and raid configuration. Motherboard ASROCK H67M-GE HT Brochure & Specs. Intel h interested in RAID 1 as the case won't support a lot of hard drives (4 SATA ports).


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Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID Driver

H67 – A Triumvirate of Tantalizing Technology

PCI Express 3. The innovative features include: In Hardware Monitor it shows the major readings of your system. In Fan Control it shows the fan speed and temperature for you to adjust.

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In Overclocking you are allowed to overclock the GT frequency which helps to boost up the graphics performance and some voltage settings for optimal system performance. Your friends then can load the OC profile to their own system to get the same OC settings. In Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID Intelligent Energy Saver the voltage regulator can reduce the number of output phases to improve efficiency when the CPU cores are idle without sacrificing computing performance.

Asrock H67M Drivers and related drivers

It is the Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID start page for IE that combines your most visited web sites your history your Facebook friends and your real-time newsfeed into an enhanced view for a more personal Internet experience. Intel Quick Sync Video uses hardware on the processor instead of software to accelerate video encoding.


Enjoy the ultimate 3D visual experiences-seamlessly-from your PC. Now you can watch your favorite 3D movies with Blu-ray Stereo 3D playback using active Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID 3D glasses. Intel Clear Video HD Technology Intel CVT HD enables rich media experiences with picture perfect images by using a host of advanced graphics technologies that support optimized high-definition video playback and sharp image quality.

Intel HD Graphics is now built right into the processor.

ASRock motherboards are exclusively equipped with the SmartView utility that helps you keep in touch with friends on-the-go. Undoubtedly jump-out-of -the-screen stereoscopic 3D technology is a rising trend in entertainment. The unit comes with a long enough antenna so it can be mounted higher for a better wireless connection. No different than the 3D glasses from the early years, the glasses gives each eye a unique visual of the video being watched by filtering out the overlaid color image that results in an offset, tricking the brain into thinking what both eyes are seeing is really there.

AXTU This application allows you to keep a close watch on the system. Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID

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You are able to monitor temperatures and voltages to maintain a stable machine. AXTU when used with the P67 chipset will also aid in the overclocking process. After testing several motherboards with this type of BIOS we find it pretty neat. Having the ability to navigate through Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID BIOS using the mouse as well as the keyboard is great.


You get the advantages of all the new technology that comes with the Cougar Point chipset. Combine that with say, an Intel Core i3 or processor with their built-in HD graphics, and you get a low power consumption rig that is capable of smooth video playback. Yet if you are looking to take it a step further you can mate Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID H67M with an i5 or i7 and a powerful GPU, leaving you with one hell of an ITX gaming rig.

This Asrock H67M Intel SATA RAID be a must have for those carrying their rig from LAN party to LAN party or going off to college where space is at a premium.

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Linux Installation Using The second 2 ports are handled by a different controller Marvell and aren't bootable by default. This can be toggled in the BIOS, but it is simpler to just use the right port. Don't use the "raid" mode for your drives in the BIOS. Just set it to AHCI.

It wasn't super obvious how to tell the Ubuntu installer how to do that during the install, so I just did it afterwards with: Swap seems like an outdated concept to me. I have 16G of ram in this box. If it runs out I'd rather have it die dramatically than start swapping on me.

It's a dev box, not a production server. Linux Configuration - lm-sensors This gets a bit more interesting.

After running sensors-detect coretemp works out of the box on Ubuntu ISA adapter Core 0:

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