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ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start Driver

Das ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 wurde mit dem 'Silver Award' von . Rapid Storage Technology 12 and Intel® Smart Response Technology). Finden Sie Top-Angebote für ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Socket DDR3 Intel RAID 10, Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 12 and Intel® Smart Response. You can start downloading the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Utility ver. for ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Motherboard. To start download.


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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start Driver

ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Socket DDR3 Intel Z87 USB HDMI ATX Motherboard eBay

Thanks so much for sharing this finding. As I mentioned before our engineers have built a lot of systems to test on and can't replicate the issue, it good to see someone else confirm that the issue isn't caused by the card itself.


Bahz Sound cut for less than 1sec period and fast back, and every minutes that happen. I tried times to confirm that all drivers have problem even modified drivers except first driver from Sound Blaster Z CD, no chance, even before finish installation I hear cik first time if sound is during that period she stop.

And like they don't care too much What people others people to do? But I didn't ask, for me that was enough, if someone give them nice explanation where could be problem and why is that driver different and they don't care to find.

OK I use oldest driver because I don't see difference among them and they shouldn't launch updateds at all. The issue could sound similar but it's likely completely different and obviously unrelated. Sound or microphone cutting out, sometimes both. It all would happen seemingly at random.

I'd be in-game, while talking to people on Discord and always after an hour to three hours, my microphone would just die sometimes together with sound. ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start that could take even up to 5 min unless forcing a hard reset with the whole system being stuck mid-boot. Same thing with Skype, it would crash on me after around an hour. At one point I even decided to go back to my Realtek onboard audio, but the sound was so painfully flat while using my Tiamat 7.

I even tried enabling back my onboard audio and using it just as a recording device, and the Strix sound card for audio playback, but that didn't help. It would however extend the time before cutting out sound bug occurred.

ASRock Z87 Extreme4, LGA 1150/SockeL H3, Intel, 4 x USB 3.0, HDMI...Top!!!

I also tried moving the card from last pciex16 to pciex1, which was supposed to be controlled by a mobo chipset instead of CPU, but that didn't make any difference. Fast forward to last weekend, when after reading through all of the at the time 13 pages of this thread, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and do a clean install of Windows.


Surprisingly, so far everything seems to be working fine now. So far so good. My system in case it's helpful: Sound card sits now in the last pciex16 slot and 1. Keep on reading. It appears my sound card keeps bugging out, after all. If you enable Noise Gate or Perfect Voice, does the issue start ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start again?

Hi, indeed after enabling both options I was able to replicate the bug. Sonic Studio was unresponsive and normal reset took 5 mins.

I'm starting to think my previous observation was a fluke. It only happens If there's an application open that uses the recording device Discord, Teamspeak, Skype etc. Sound Card works fine otherwise.

Motherboard ASRock Z87 Extreme6 Drivers, utilities and instructions t

What a bummer, cos I really love the sound quality on this ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start. Thanks for the additional details with the list programs which may be causing this issue, we need all the details on the scenarios and all other possibilities on what may be causing this issue. We did test the systems with software like TeamSpeak and Skype but we weren't able to replicate the issue, so I guess we can add Discord to the list.

WazigGeval For some reason this problem does not happen when SLI is disabled.

Download Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver and Utility

It only happens when SLI is enabled. Can anyone replicate this? The culprit is actually the sonic studio software, if i right click the system tray icon for sonic studio and click exit, all of the issue stop, no sound cutting, flash player works and doesn't crash in firefox, utorrent and other programs run correctly. No other so called remedy in this threadf has helped me, only exiting sonic studio helps and eliminates all of my issues.

Thanks for sharing this, however ASRock Z87 Extreme4/TB4 Intel Rapid Start was one of the first things we asked some users to try and all have confirmed that this hasn't resolved the issue for them.

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