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Allied Telesis AT-9410GB Driver

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Allied Telesis AT-9410GB Driver


Refer to Appendix A, Technical Specifications, for the input voltage range. The unit does not have a Allied Telesis AT-9410GB switch. This management software comes with default values for all the operating parameters for the switch. In some network environments, the default settings might not need to be changed, allowing Allied Telesis AT-9410GB to use the switch as an unmanaged switch.

If you want to manage the switch and change or monitor the operating parameters, you must access the AT-S45 management software. Some of the management software functions include assigning the switch an IP address and subnet mask, creating VLANs and port trunks, and activating and configuring the Spanning Tree Protocol parameters.


The management softwares interface consists of menus and prompts that make it easy for you to configure the switch and view performance and status information. There are four different ways to access the switchs management software: This is commonly referred to as Allied Telesis AT-9410GB or out-of-band management. Please refer to Starting a Local Management Session on page 54 for instructions on how to manage the switch using this method.

Switch [T]ools This is referred to as remote or in-band management. To start a web browser management session, you simply Allied Telesis AT-9410GB the switchs IP address in the URL field of the web browser, as shown in Figure 14, and enter manager as both the default login name and default password.

Allied Telesyn AT 9410GB Networking Switch - Answered Questions & Fixed issues

Figure 15 Web Browser Management Home Page 25 Product Description Telnet Application Protocol Using the Telnet application protocol is another way for you to manage the switch remotely from a workstation on your Allied Telesis AT-9410GB. Starting this type of remote access requires that you specify the IP address of the switch in the Telnet protocol and enter manager as both the default login name and default password.

The MIB standards supported by this switch include: STP can be an Allied Telesis AT-9410GB part of large networks where loops exist in the network topology.

A loop occurs when two or more nodes on your network can transmit data to each other over more than one link. Network loops can seriously impact network performance because packets can become caught in repeating cycles, often referred to as broadcast storms, that needlessly consume network bandwidth and reduce network performance. STP addresses this problem by ensuring that there is only one path between the end nodes. Where multiple paths exist, STP places the extra Allied Telesis AT-9410GB in a redundant or standby mode, leaving only one main active path.

The redundant paths can be Allied Telesis AT-9410GB by STP if the main path goes down. So not only does STP guard against multiple links between end nodes, but it also activates backup redundant paths in case a main link fails.

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VLANs can Allied Telesis AT-9410GB extremely useful in improving network performance and increasing network security. You can create VLANs to group the workstations, servers, and other networking equipment connected to your switches into logical workgroups. These VLAN groupings can be based on similar data needs or security requirements. When networking devices, such as workstations and servers, are grouped into a VLAN, data is exchanged Allied Telesis AT-9410GB only those members of the group.


Other advantages of VLANs include: You can group workstations logically or functionally, regardless of their physical location on the network. You can change VLAN memberships anytime by software configuration Allied Telesis AT-9410GB moving the workstations physically or having to move cables from one port to another on the switch. A VLAN can consist of ports limited to a single switch or ports from multiple switches.

This allows you to group together network devices that, though physically separated by large distances, will function Allied Telesis AT-9410GB if they are a part of the same physical LAN. QoS can be important in network environments where there are time-critical applications, such as voice transmission or video conferencing, that can be adversely affected by packet transfer delays.

Prior to QoS, network traffic was handled in a Allied Telesis AT-9410GB manner. File transfer delays did occur, but were mostly transparent to network users. But with the introduction of time-critical applications, packet transfer delays can impact performance.

For example, delays in packets carrying Allied Telesis AT-9410GB transmission can result in poor audio quality. With it, Ethernet frames can be assigned different priorities. The switch uses the priorities when determining which frames to forward first.

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