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Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet Driver

Results 49 - 96 of - Allied Telesis MCXL Ethernet to Fibre Media Converter Opened then . 10Mb LAN. . CISCO ROUTER SERIES ~ to this manual or the information contained herein, even if Allied Telesis, Inc. has been NetXtreme II adapters are a new class of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 10 . is for port 1 and the LED labeled L/A2 is for port 2. See Table 3 on page . adapter can negotiate speeds between 10 Mb and Mb. You cannot. DriverGuide maintains an archive of supported Allied Telesis drivers available Allied Telesyn AT Series 10Mb Ethernet Adapter (Legacy Mode) Driver.


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Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet Driver

Where can I get it?

Alternatively, it may be easier to use a WWW browser on: Don's Linux Network Home Page to locate the driver that you are looking for. Now, if it really is an alpha, or pre-alpha driver, then please treat it as such. In other words, don't complain because you can't figure out what to do with it.


If you can't figure out how to install it, then you probably shouldn't be testing it. Also, if it brings your machine down, don't complain.

Allied Telesyn Network Drivers Download

Instead, send us a well documented bug report, or even better, a patch! Most linux distributions use modular drivers now.


This saves distributing lots of kernels, each with a different driver set built in. Some earlier kernels had a limit of 16 ethercards that could be detected at boot, and some ISA modules have a limit of Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet cards per loaded module. You can always load another copy of the same module under a different name to support another four cards if this is a limitation, or recompile the module with support for as many as you require.

This says that if the administrator or the kernel does a modprobe eth0 or a modprobe eth1 then the ne. Furthermore, when the ne.


Note that the 0x is important - things like h as commonly used in the DOS world won't work. Switching the order of the 0x and the 0x will switch which physical card ends up as eth0 and eth1.

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However, some older? In this case you can load the module twice to get both cards detected.

As a final example, consider a user with one 3c card at 0x and one SMC Elite16 wd card at 0x They would have: You can look in there to see which one matches your card. Once you have the correct settings in your modules.

Allied Telesyn Network Drivers Download

Note that the interface name ethX assigned to the driver by the kernel is independent of the name used on the alias line. For further details on this, see: As there aren't any distribution kernels with lots of ISA drivers built in anymore, this restriction is no longer in 2. As of 2. Systems with more than one ethernet card with at least one Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet them being an ISA card will still need to do one of the following.

There are two ways that you can enable auto-probing for the second and third, Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet The easiest method is to pass boot-time arguments to the kernel, which is usually done by LILO. In this case eth0 and eth1 will be assigned in the order that the cards are found at boot.

Linux Ethernet-Howto

Say if you want the card at 0x to be eth0 and the card at 0x to be eth1 then Allied Telesis AT-1700 10Mb Ethernet could use LILO: Please have a look at Passing Ethernet Arguments The second way not recommended is to edit the file Space. The 0xffe0 entry tells it not to probe for that device -- replacing it with a zero will enable autoprobing for that device.

Some older documentation has yet to be updated to reflect this change. PCI NE clone card is not detected at boot with v2. The ne.

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The easiest solution is to upgrade to a v2. It knows the ID numbers of about five different NEPCI chips, and will detect them automatically at boot or at module loading time. If you upgrade to 2.

PCI NE clone card is reported as an ne 8 bit card! This causes the probe to think they are NE cards.

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