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ADLINK PXI-2500 Series Driver

ADLINK's PXI/DAQ/DAQe series are high-speed and high-performance analog output multi-function DAQ cards able to update up to 8-CH, bit analog. PXI-Based Smart DAQ Solutions: PXI Series. 39 ADLINK's test & measurement products are designed to enhance productivity The device supports V and 5V PCI bus and provides a robust 2, V isolation protection which is. Rail-Mil Computers sp. z o.o. Polska firma wyłączny dystrybutor firmy ADlink Technology Inc. na Polskę oraz producent DAQe Series PXI Series.


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ADLINK PXI-2500 Series Driver

The SSD can be easily removed from the front panel and secured when not in use. IO connections on the front panel include two USB 3.

Other applications, such as monitoring of satellite signals, benefit from speed and multichassis improvements because multiple satellite channels can be monitored at once and multiple tests can be executed such as channel power monitoring and detailed modulation analysis. ADLINK PXI-2500 Series for multiple high-resolution displays is useful as well, allowing… different groups of measurements for example, measurement type or channels [to be] displayed on different monitors.

With the touch screen ADLINK PXI-2500 Series the capability to host turnkey software applications like X-Modal, this product is best suited for the portable data acquisition market.


Figure 1a. The capacitive touch screen recognizes up to five points in multitouch applications. The eight-core processing power of Intel Xeon and PCIe Gen III technology give ADLINK PXI-2500 Series twice the bandwidth performance and three times the processing power, making it a future-proof, zero-compromise investment for any test or measurement application.


Additionally, this ADLINK PXI-2500 Series controller is particularly useful when paired with system design software that is optimized for parallel processing such as NI LabVIEW due to the multicore nature of the CPU. Remote controllers also are the lowest cost as they are in an intensively competitive business. Imagination Technologies: The development board features a new cXT chip that low IAR Systems: NetSupport Limited: NetSupport DNA now features comprehensive keyword monitoring to provide ins Infineon Technologies Corporation: Digi ADLINK PXI-2500 Series PCI Express technology is commonly used in high-performance server, workstation and graphics-intensive desktop applications.


The PCIe 3. PXIe Card Provides Multi-Function, Multi-Protocol Solutions Thanks to advances in semiconductor integration, test functions that used to require racks ADLINK PXI-2500 Series boards can now be combined on a single card.

PXI Series - Amplicon

Figure 3 Figure 3 The card supports point-to-point, switched fabric and arbitrated loop topologies and has in-line port configuration for a transparent analyzer. An external IRIG-B signal enables the host system clock or user-provided time to be used as the time source. ADLINK PXI-2500 Series

User application can be hosted on the PPC for end-device simulation. It supports data rates at 1. The board performs auto-speed negotiation providing negotiation to the highest speed available within the current speed range. Cards feature auto-ranging of ADLINK PXI-2500 Series, programmable bandwidth, internal auto-calibration, extensive built-in auto-self-test that includes loss of field signal and reference inputs and programmable step-input limit detect.

Signal and AC Reference inputs are independently transformer isolated on board withstanding less than VDC high ADLINK PXI-2500 Series, using MILcompliant high impedance transformers that allow tying on to existing sensors.

DAQ (ETC) PDF技术资料下载 DAQ 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/2 页)

It does that without loading or disturbing existing installations and without the fear of oscillations, ground loops or suffering ground induced noise, cross-talk, or interference. Module Does Strain- and Bridge-Based USB Measurement A strain- and bridge-based acquisition module for USB offers high-speed ADLINK PXI-2500 Series in a compact form factor for applications including strain, load, pressure and other bridge-based measurements. It features full- half- and quarter-bridge completion; up to 10 Vinternal excitation; transducer electronic data sheet TEDS smart sensor compatibility and channel expansion using the RJ45 synchronization connector to synchronize up to four DT ADLINK PXI-2500 Series.

Figure 5 Figure 5 Many strain measurements are taken in the field where power sources are not available. Extremely accurate bridge data can now be obtained using a laptop with USB providing the data flow and power needs. ADLINK PXI-2500 Series

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