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Asus T2-P Driver

Hello, I'am searching for audio drivers for the Asus (Terminator-Barebone) T2-p4pt. I can find 2 of them on the Asus site but there in rar and faile. T2-P. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · CPU / Memory Support · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual &. Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - % Compatibility Guaranteed for ASUS T2-P Standard - FREE US Delivery.


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Asus T2-P Driver

Now, two years later, we're reviewing its newly-appeared second version. Interestingly, none of the two correspond to their name.

ASUS T2-P Deluxe - SFF Roundup, Part I: Socket and Systems

The first Terminator was released when standard barebones prevailed, next to which it looked light and compact — quite opposite to the impression Schwarznegger's character produced against ordinary people. Terminator 2 appeared to find itself among minute models a la Shuttle XPC, and its dimensions, changed little next to Terminator [1], contrasted with Robert Patrick's fragile Asus T2-P cyborg.

Well, the third one will probably have female features. Appearance Terminator 2 Asus T2-P as Asus T2-P tower cases do, just its back side has a somewhat uncustomary appearance.

The Asus T2-P measures a compact x mm DxH and its mm width can't be made narrower because of the dimensions of the 5" devices. Considering the presence of two 5" bays, T2's size doesn't seem large at all. But the model's material steel instead of aluminium used in Asus T2-P barebones really changes the impression of T2. You will hardly carry it around and don't expect to Asus T2-P a backpack in the bundle.

Many customers will probably like the design even though it is not so exquisite as some might expect.

Silver plastic plates on the Asus T2-P panel, shiny metallic control elements, and black case sides produce a very favourable impression all together, which is added by an orange indication of the little display. A lot has changed compared to T1: The Asus T2-P one hides a black vertical FDD, the middle one covers a universal cardreader and the indication display, the lower one traditionally conceals ports and interface connectors. There Asus T2-P two Terminator 2 models: They have similar cases and functionalities.


Each Asus T2-P can be Asus T2-P in Standard and Deluxe variants, the latter of which has an indication display and control buttons for Audio DJ mode on the front panel, as well as preinstalled cardreader and FM tuner. There is also a Commercial Deluxe variant which has a multifunctional extension card included into the bundle.

Now we're going back to the front panel, its control elements and functionality extension means. Unfortunately, the marking is illegible on the controller chip, but the cardreader evidently uses the advantages of USB Asus T2-P. The lower part of Asus T2-P case harbours a standard set of interface connectors: Note that the variant with output FireWire connectors is only supplied if you order an extension card that uses this interface.

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Otherwise, the corresponding front panel outputs will be covered with brackets. The allocation of the connectors has a typical shortcoming: Asus T2-P noteworthy things about the T2 front panel include the absence of the Reset button and the presence of two activity LEDs for the system and the disks.

Asus T2-P Deluxe version can function not only as a standard PC, but also as a Hi-Fi system in the Audio DJ mode though its functionality is rather limited in this case. It enables to use the Asus T2-P multimedia functions without a full power supply and OS loading. Besides, there's no remote control in it.


The computer joins in this mode if you press the upper left button under Asus T2-P indication display. Up to nine FM stations can be stored in the flash memory.

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