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Asus P5WD2 Driver

Review – Peter Wick. Today is Part One of a two part series on the vastly popular ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard and the Intel dual. Compatible Components (from 18 PCs). Popular components in PC builds with the Asus P5WD2 Motherboard. CPU · Pentium D GHzIntel $98Bench 13%. The P5WD2 now offers the CPU Lock Free feature, which allows you to adjust CPU multiplier to 14x. The reduction of multiplier value provides more flexibility for.


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Asus P5WD2 Driver

While there are a few low profiles capacitors that are near the socket, they are low enough so as not to interfere even with largest heatsinks, Asus P5WD2 as the Thermalright XP and the Scythe Ninja. The main IDE connector is on the Asus P5WD2 of the motherboard, so those of you that like to hide cables will find that it is rather easy to do so.

ASUS P5WD2 - motherboard - ATX - LGA Socket - iX Specs - CNET

Speaking of drive connectors, this motherboard sure packs them on. The other two are driven by Silicon Image controller. Power from this MB comes from a 24 pin connector as well as an 8 pin connector, an additional Asus P5WD2 pin Molex connector sits on the MB.


Asus P5WD2 It can get confusing at times with all the different options, but a quick read over the manual quickly gets you up to speed. The first screen covers the basics, such as drives connected, system time, and language options: From there we move onto the Advanced screen which Asus P5WD2 overclocking and other fun stuff.

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The main sections that overclockers will be interested in can be found in the JumperFree and Chipset sections. ASUS JumperFree Configuration contains all of the frequency and voltage settings that you will need to really make Asus P5WD2 combo scream. You can also tweak the PCI-e Asus P5WD2 for your video card — while some have rumored that a slight performance gain can be achieved, I have yet to see any Asus P5WD2 results from increasing the speed, so with that said, I will leave it at MHz for all tests.


A quick look at the options provided for the chipset and memory timings: Only two sections left. The Boot section is pretty straight forward — set the boot order for your hard drives and set the order for all the other Asus P5WD2 in your system. ASUS states that this board is capable of booting off USB devices, including the compact flash drive connected to my computer, but I have yet to verify: Once you make all your settings, and Asus P5WD2 everything dialed in, all that is left to do is Exit: It allows you to monitor temperatures and voltages, as well as clock Asus P5WD2 and fan speeds.

By clicking on the little wrench icon, a drop down menu of all the overclocking options are now available to you in Windows. The program does what it is supposed to, allowing Asus P5WD2 quick frequency changes for that little extra edge: Performance All tests were run at stock speeds of 2. Running first though Sandra CPU tests, these are the numbers that we come up with for arithmetic and multimedia respectively: For the next Asus P5WD2 of tests we will look at Everest Asus P5WD2 Sandra for memory bandwidth: HD Tach Short test — A general measure of basic drive and controller throughput: HD Tach Long test — A general measure of basic drive and controller throughput: The following tests focus on overall system speed.

Complete system benchmark suite that stresses everything from CPU to hard disk drives. A quick test that stresses CPU and memory bandwith: SuperPi 32 Million: Asus P5WD2 much longer benchmark that really shows the power of Intel and its ability to cope with continuous calculations: Overclocking With the stock cooler attached to thisoverclocking would look dismal.

All I can give you is a little sneak peak at what to expect out of this combo in Part Two. Conclusion A breeze to set up Great overclocking and over voltage options Rock Asus P5WD2 Intel x chipset On the Asus P5WD2 voltage and overclocking with AiBooster Cons: Minor voltage droop under load, can inhibit high overclocks AiBooster requires reboots at certain intervals In Asus P5WD2 form this has to be one of the best Intel based motherboard offerings we have ever seen from ASUS.


If you think that these results Asus P5WD2 impressive, stick around for round two and see what the board can really do when we fix the issues that the ASUS engineers should have…. This time instead of being held back by the limitations of stock cooling, we put the processor under Asus P5WD2 phase change cooling.

The phase change started its life off as a happy Prometeia Mach 1, until it had a minor run in with the Danimal. After Asus P5WD2 the trunk of his Nissan on the suction line and snapping it in half, it was time for some modifications.

Having a Chilly1 evaporator kicking around in the box of parts, I decided this Asus P5WD2 be as good of a time as any to make some modifications to Asus P5WD2 Mach1. Asus P5WD2 replacing the evaporator, suction line and cap tube, I then gutted all the electronics, as they never worked correctly. The unit was then regassed with r and tuned for the Intel 1. Broken Working OK While we are on the topic of modifications, I should also probably mention to everyone that this motherboard also possesses some volt modifications.

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