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Asus P2B-S Driver

P2B-S. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · CPU / Memory Support · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual &. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ASUS P2B-S, Slot 1, Intel Motherboard at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many. MB, ASUS P2B-S REV, BX: : Electronics.


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Asus P2B-S Driver

Chips that can only provide voltages down to 1. Asus has used quite a lot Asus P2B-S different voltage regulator chips on its boards, Asus P2B-S it's possible there are even more that Asus used I'm not aware of.

Download Asus P2B-S motherboard BIOS - 6Z69KA0B • Wim's BIOS

You don't need to set the multipliers, unless you have an early PII. The multiplier of all newer cpus is completely Asus P2B-S, changing it on the board won't have any effect at all. The only exception to this are unlocked engeneering samples of cpus, but these are never sold there is Asus P2B-S confidential" written on them.

If Asus P2B-S really have such a chip, you would have to set the multipliers, which is possible on all of these boards, but not documented there are undocumented jumper settings, plus the higher multipliers are remapped to the lower ones, so for multiplier 10 you'd have to jumper it for Asus P2B-S or something the like. Doesn't this seriously overclock everything?


Look at your motherboard manual, it should have printed all possible FSB settings on the pcb - you could also look at your manual instead, but in some cases the information might not be the same. They have clock chips with 4 frequency selection inputs such as icsbut only 3 of them are wired on the board. They will all run the pci clock at 44Mhz if you chose Mhz FSB - you're very likely to get trouble, as a lot of devices won't work at that clock frequency.

Keep in mind that even onboard peripherals and the IDE bus run at that clock, so take care of your Asus P2B-S if you still want to try it! Apart from the cpu if it isn't a Asus P2B-S FSB version the Mhz FSB however is an overclocked setting not only for the chipset, but also for the memory system. Quality pc sdram often works Asus P2B-S at Mhz in bx-based boards, at least if you don't use more than 2 modules - 3 might work too, but 4 unregistered modules likely won't work.

It is unknown why some boards tolerate Mhz ram clock much better than others, the use of registered memory might fix that problem on boards which don't. See faq about graphic cards upgrade on bx-based boards. Is it safe to run a coppermine cpu at 1. Yes this should pose no problems at all. The reason the voltage is different with different steppings is simply to make it possible to achieve higher speeds later steppings have higher voltages Asus P2B-S of course, there are other differences between steppings which make it possible to achieve even higher clock speeds.

Also, some of the slower speed grades processors have a lower voltage than the higher speed grades processors of the same stepping just because they need less voltage to run stable at such low clock speeds.

And 1. But this proves 1.


If you have a look at the datasheetyou will see that the absolute maximum voltage for all coppermine cpus is 2. But make Asus P2B-S you set the voltage correctly on the slotket, setting it e.

Is it somehow possible to run slot1 cpus in boards which can only provide down to 1. Yes it's possible, but it requires some work.

ASUS P2B-S, Slot 1, Intel Motherboard

The basic idea behind the modification is the same as if you Asus P2B-S be using a slotket adapter and use the voltage selection jumpers to make the board believe the cpu wants a different voltage. To do this, you must tape some pins on the slot1 connector, and connect some others. It depends on the default voltage of your cpu which pins you'll have to modify, there are 3 possibilities.

Asus P2B-S all cases, you need to change Asus P2B-S VID coding to 1.


A "0" means the signal is connected to ground, a "1" means it is open. Only VID1 is different from the target 1. To do this, you need to Asus P2B-S VID1 to ground. VID1 is pin A Asus P2B-S the connector, connect this to the adjacent A pin using a thin u-shaped wire piece. Asus P2B-S can be done by insulating them, so just tape them. Additionally, VID3 pin B must be changed to 0, thus needs to be connected to ground.

Unfortunately, there is no adjacent ground pin, so use an insulated wire to connect it to A just "around the corner" of the edge connector.

Tape VID2 Asus P2B-S A More information on this mod including the mandatory pictures can be found at http: However, you'd need to get the newer regulator chip probably from a defective board and then exchange the chips, which you probably should only do if you're experienced with smd-soldering. But don't come back and complain your board went up in smoke!

It should be obvious you do all modifications on your own responsibility. Intel and Asus will tell you it's not possible, but that's only half of the story. There Asus P2B-S some minor incompatibilities in the bus interface tualatins Asus P2B-S AGTL, which has a voltage level of 1.

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