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Asus L8400K series PC Driver

Inspiron m and m Series Battery Inspiron , , and Series Battery Asus Eee PC Extended, Asus Eee PC a Extended. Download the latest drivers for your Asus LK series Notebook PC to keep your Computer up-to-date. M Driver for ASUS Portable PC v - M Driver for Desktop PC LK Series BIOS v final -


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386 (3.34)
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Supported systems: Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
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Asus L8400K series PC Driver


Make sure your original battery number or machine model is LK. Make sure your original LK battery is most the same as the picture, include battery shape and interface position. Higher capacity LK batteries can work more time, but it is heavier and bigger, Asus L8400K series PC more chager time.

Asus L8400K series PC Original LK notebook battery have genuine battery cells and original protection board, which means more charge cycle times and excellent compatibility. Replacement LK battery is a very good choose too, beacuse you don't need to maintain it carefully, it is in stock all the time, and it is cheaper and high quality.

How we test this LK Batteries? Check whether customer bought the right battery.

Check LK battery's appearance and interface. Test LK battery charger and recharger function. Package LK battery carefully and send out Will a screensaver run my laptop's battery down?

Laptop Battery Ri for L8000 Series BATTL8400

They will use your battery power. Keep in mind your monitor uses up quite a bit of power, so having it not just on but also displaying moving images will continue to use power. If you're concerned with battery life, you should do one of two things to maximize Asus L8400K series PC, 1 Have your monitor go to an Asus L8400K series PC black screen until you're ready to use it again, or even better 2 set your settings so the screen turns off instead of displaying a screen saver.

Truth be told, screensavers were something of importance years ago as an attempt to minimize potential image burns into screens and monitors.


Suspend to Disk works with Linux, but does cause problems with the network adapter. It has no power when the computer is in suspend mode, and loses some internal state. After the system is resumed any net activity will cause a large number of error messages. The solution is to disable networking before suspend and re-enable it after the system is resumed. This is Asus L8400K series PC thrugh the event handler script of apmd 8.


It will stop the network on suspend and standby events and restart it on resume events. I know of no way to have the system go into suspend mode when the lid is closed. It should be possible, though. Automatic power down Normally the laptop will Asus L8400K series PC then Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed.

External graphic cards for laptops?

The turn off power the power switch on the front must be pressed to the right for a few seconds. I know of no way to have the system shut down when the lid is closed. If this is Asus L8400K series PC enough, add the command hdparm -S 72 to your startup scripts -S 72 makes the disk spin down in 6 minutes, read hdparm 8 for detail on the number.

To actually get the disk to spin Asus L8400K series PC you have to avoid regular disk access when the laptop is not in active use. Some daemons will regularly read or write files and these programs must then be avoided. Also watch out for cron jobs run with very short intervals. Some distributions have several crontabs.

Windows 10 - Which model supports upgrade to Windows 10? Official Support ASUS Global

Exim is a good choice, as it can use inetd for incoming mail i. As most mail is Asus L8400K series PC immediately anyway, I just have a queue run every three hours, nighttime excluded. Another potential problem can be the --MARK-- messages syslogd 8 writes to the system log, usually with 20 minutes intervals.

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