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Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver

Transformer Book - eedbackbone: Asus Notebook L Pc User 8 Of Asus Laptop Manuals - Manualsonline, User S Manual - Asus, Free Asus following steps: battery module the l b (id1) series notebook comes. download also for l b series view and download asus l5c hardware user manual online notebook pc l5c laptop pdf manual download also for l l View and Download Asus LB user manual online. Product Name: Notebook PC Manual Revision: E Release Date: May .. Two Hard Drives L/ Series All-in-One Compact Notebook PC • ” or ” TFT.


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Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Driver

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Should you have any questions prior to ordering your upgrade we have technicians on hand via live chat, email or phone who will be able to answer any queries you may have. We take the time to look into each machine to ensure that we offer all sizes and speeds that the machine is able to take not just the latest specification that has been released.

It had its centre of operations in the state of Texas in the US and would go on to be a major player in the computer market in the ensuing 20 years. Murto, senior VP in charge of sales left the company just 5 years later inwhilst Harris Head of Engineering and Canion Asus L8400B series Notebook PC and President moved on after a company restructuring in It is not just for playing audio CDs.

I use it a lot, as it allows you to control the volume of any sound playing program, such as realplayer and xmms. This daemon will receive the events and run a shell script in reaction to the events. Suspend to Disk The Phoenix BIOS has the ability to suspend the system, save the state of the entire laptop Asus L8400B series Notebook PC disk before shutting down the computer.

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When power is switched on later the saved state will be restored and the computer will resume where it was suspended. Suspend to Disk is activated by pressing Fn-F1.

To use the Suspend to Disk feature a special disk partition must be present. Suspend to Disk works with Linux, but does cause problems with the network adapter. It has no power when the computer is in suspend mode, and loses some internal state.


After the system is resumed any net activity will cause a large number of error messages. The solution is to disable networking before suspend and re-enable it Asus L8400B series Notebook PC the system is resumed. This is done thrugh the event handler script of apmd 8.

ASUS L8400B series Notebook PC Drivers

It will stop the network on suspend and standby events and restart it on resume events. I know of no way to have the system go into suspend mode when the lid is closed.


It should be possible, though. Automatic power down Normally the laptop will reboot then Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed.

Asus L8400B User Manual

The turn off power the power switch on the front must be pressed to the right for a few seconds. I know of no way to have the system shut down when the lid is closed.

If this is not enough, add the command hdparm -S 72 to your startup scripts -S 72 makes the disk spin down in 6 minutes, read hdparm 8 for detail on the number. To actually get the disk Asus L8400B series Notebook PC spin down you have to avoid regular disk access when the laptop is not in active use. Some daemons will regularly read or write files and these programs must then be avoided.

But the current Intel mobile processors have some other power saving features, too.


Since mobile computer processors are very seldom running flat out, whenever the processor doesn't have anything to do, it can shut down chunks of itself and drop its supply voltage. That's quite accurate, if you're using most business software, or even Web surfing. If you're playing games or pounding away Asus L8400B series Notebook PC Photoshop, it can be a serious under-estimate. Quake 3 is more demanding. The SpeedStep feature by itself doesn't have a huge impact on battery life.

- Notebook Battery Models from Asus

The other power-saving processor features help you out all the time, of course. Many tasks are not solely, or even primarily, dependant on processor speed; if the system's mainly waiting for the hard drive or the graphics adapter or, of course, the user, then the processor speed won't make much difference.

For business apps, I saw no difference to speak of between and MHz. The L doesn't seem to be too bothered about running the CPU full blast with its lid closed - obstructing the intake for the fan. This isn't something a laptop's usually called upon to do, but I of course was mean to it and tried.

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