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Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader Driver

This page provides reviews and other infos about the Asus G73JH-TYV of the microphone/line-in, Card Reader: SD mini SD MMC MS MS Pro MS Duo MS. Download ASUS G73JW Notebook Windows 7 64bit Drivers, Utilities, Manuals and ASUS G73 Series Gaming Notebook Card Reader (1). Asus G75VW Manual Online: Flash Memory Card Reader. Normally a memory card Laptop Asus G73JH-A1 Manual De Usuario. User manual (30 pages).


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Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader Driver

Again, factoring in power adapter inefficiencies, there's still plenty of headroom on the W power brick unlike the W brick in the Clevo X with SLI systemsso you can even play games Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader charging the battery.

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We've had some reader requests for a few other battery life metrics. Charging time on the G73SW with the system powered up checked in at minutes; it might recharge slightly faster if the system is off, but with a W power brick there should be plenty Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader extra juice for the charging circuit.

We also ran our Internet test Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader Pandora open and streaming music in a separate browser tab; that dropped battery life down to Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader. Finally, what about gaming on battery? Even trying our best to achieve maximum gaming performance while on battery power, the GPU is still throttled—and the CPU appears somewhat slower as well.

We ran the full Futuremark test suite on battery power, using the High Performance power profile. The following chart shows the percent of performance relative to the same test running off the mains so a score of would be no change in performance.

So fire up your smartphone and play some Angry Birds instead: There are no stability problems to report and the HWMonitor result below shows the internal temperature ranges for the various components. While the internal temperatures hit 75C, the surface temperatures on the Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader are a lot lower.

As stated in the intro, the large chassis does an excellent job at removing heat, and it does so without getting particularly loud. Idle noise levels measured The noise also tends to be lower in pitch, so the G73 is Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader quiet compared to other gaming notebooks. My guess is that the only thing between the G73 chassis and a GTX M or HD M is the power brick and power circuitry, because the cooling setup looks like it still has plenty of headroom—especially if ASUS were to ramp up fan speeds and noise levels to compensate for the additional heat.

The Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader column numeric keypad is a very welcome addition to this notebook.

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For someone like me that does spreadsheet work all the time, it is a valuable asset. It has a matte surface and is easy to track on.


The two buttons are very loud, so be sure to tap-to-click in quiet places instead of using the buttons. The Z's touchpad has some unique features. Using two fingers in a pinching motion will zoom in and out, and Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader a finger in a circular motion will scroll. The memory card reader is an added bonus.

Wireless range and signal strength is Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader, superior to the wireless solution in my HP Pavilion dv5t.

How to get photo's from a Fujifilm Camera F to an Asus laptop? Quacast

I had no trouble connecting to a variety of wireless networks. It is surprising to see a draft-N wireless card in a budget notebook. This charger's capacity is not Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader high but is on par with the six-cell batteries in competing notebooks. In power-saving mode with the screen brightness at half, I measured two hours and fifty minutes of life while surfing the Internet. Only the buyer can determine whether this time is sufficient; for my personal use, it is more than enough.

Usually very inexpensive notebooks like this one come with Vista Home Basic, a cheaper and more limited version of Windows, Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader Home Premium is nice to see.

Asus G73 Gaming Laptop Review

NTI Backup Now! Software is included and allows you to make a backup of your entire hard drive. A lot of "bloatware," or junk software, is also pre-loaded. I spent upwards of thirty minutes uninstalling games and other garbage from the Control Panel.

The Aspire Z has solid build quality, Asus G73SW Multi-Card Reader great screen, comfortable keyboard with separate number pad, and almost three hours of charger life to boot. The Asus design team did a great job of building in good ventilation to keep the unit cooled without generating disturbingly high noise levels. Yes, you can hear the cooling fans spin up under a heavy game load, but the effect is not as objectionable as it is on some other gaming laptops I've lived with.


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