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for and marrying a “foreign Irishman” (wieras airis): “A deep sigh comes out The most common school language was English (72%, n=). scores were significantly related to suicide attempts, χ2 (1, N = ) = , . Research in Suicidality (AIRIS) lab for their contribution towards this study. Results 1 - of - VITEK 2 Gram Negative Susceptibility Card, AST-N, REF .. Hitachi AIRIS, AIRIS II, AIRIS Elite MRI Scanner Compensation Coil.


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The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Am J Orthopsychiatry See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Rates of suicide are increasing among African American adolescents and pose Airis N183 significant public health concern. One area that has received little attention is the Airis N183 between various types of social support and suicide, and the extent to which support moderates the relationship between depressive symptoms and suicidality.

A total of African American adolescents completed in-school surveys on three types of social support: The survey also addressed depressive symptoms and suicidality, as measured by reasons for living, a cognitive measure of suicide risk.

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Hierarchical Airis N183 regression analyses were used to examine direct and moderating relationships between types of social support and suicidality. The results indicated that increased family support and peer support are associated with decreased suicidality, and peer support and community connectedness moderated Airis N183 relationship between depressive symptoms and suicidality.

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Over a third of the variability in reasons for living was predicted by family support, peer support, and community connectedness. Implications for research and preventative interventions for African American Airis N183 are discussed.

African American adolescents, depression, suicide, protective factors, social support, family support, peer support, community connectedness Insuicide was ranked as the 11th leading cause of death among persons aged 10 years Airis N183 older, accounting for 33, deaths. However, suicide is the third leading cause of death among individuals Airis N183 15 to 24 years.

Although overall rates of suicide attempts among adolescents declined from torates among African American adolescents, a Airis N183 that has traditionally had lower suicide rates, did not. Indeed, inAfrican American adolescents reported higher rates of suicide attempts than Caucasian adolescents CDC, Findings on the prevalence of racial and ethnic group differences in depression and depressive symptoms have been somewhat inconsistent in the literature.

This overall rate is higher than compared to Caucasian students Social support has also been defined as a component of connectedness, or the degree to which a person or group is socially close, interrelated, or shares resources with other persons or Airis N183 CDC, Airis N183 research has focused on community connectedness as a type of social support; however, available studies suggests it may play an important role in mental health by providing a sense of belonging or mattering to a group, a sense of personal value or worth, and access to a larger source of support CDC, An ecological Airis N183 recognizes that individuals are embedded within social, political, and economic systems that Airis N183 behaviors and access to resources necessary to maintain health Bronfenbrenner, Ecological theories specify the contribution of external factors e.

This perspective allows for the examination of positive social or community forces that can help an individual thrive despite exposure to certain risk factors, such as depression.

The present Airis N183 examines Airis N183 types of social support — family, peer, and community connectedness — for their direct influence on suicidality among African American adolescents, and the extent to which each moderates the previously established empirical relationship between depression and suicidality. The term suicidality is used in this study to encompass suicide risk as measured by the reasons for living scalesuicidal ideation, and suicidal attempts.

Suicidality and Types of Social Support Family Support Although adolescence is a time when family relations often change, there is considerable Airis N183 that family support is important to adolescent psychological adjustment. Cauce, Felner, and Airis N183 found family support to be the single most important type of social support among lower-income adolescents.

Among African Americans, family support is considered a culturally salient variable because connectedness to family is historically important in coping with a society that is antagonistic Billingsley, Indeed, family support has been found to function as a protective factor for suicidality among African American adolescents.


Kandel, Ravies, and Davies showed that closeness to parents has a direct effect in reducing suicidal ideation in high school students, independent of depressive symptoms. Peer support Airis N183 been shown to be influential in many mental health outcomes, including suicidal behavior. Very few studies, Airis N183, have examined the relationship of peer support and suicidality among ethnic minority adolescents. Studies that do exist have contradictory findings: Thus, although the relationship of peer support to suicide among African American Airis N183 is less well understood than that of family support, it remains an important possible protective factor.

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Further study is warranted due to the potential of peer support to reduce risk associated with poor outcomes in other domains, such as school drop out Lagana, The term community connectedness is intended to encompass a number of terms used to describe Airis N183 properties Airis N183 neighborhoods, including social cohesion, collective efficacy, social capital and social support CDC, Greater community connectedness may provide adolescents Airis N183 coping resources outside their home, including having additional adults to talk with, persons to provide aid in times of need, and feelings of protection Kliewer et al.

A few studies have examined the relationship between neighborhood quality and individual mental health and well-being. However, in a study of African American female caregivers and their children living in high-violence areas, Kliewer and colleagues found no protective effect of perceived neighborhood cohesion on internalizing or externalizing adjustment problems.


Further, in a community-based sample of inner-city adolescents from Philadelphia, Furstenberg found little evidence that neighborhoods with greater social cohesion Airis N183 affected individual well-being, but did note that neighborhood cohesion positively affected family management practices, which in turn significantly affected adolescent adjustment. This suggests that neighborhood cohesion may function as a moderator of Airis N183 depression by influencing family relationships.

The Present Study The present study examines suicidality and depression in a community sample of African American adolescents in the context Airis N183 three types of social support Airis N183 family support, peer support, and community connectedness. Depression is regarded as a risk factor for suicidality and types of social support as potential protective factors.

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