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Acer 300 F Driver

Summary: Acer did an excellent job with this redesigned Predator Helios PH, pretty much creating a new laptop from scratch, with a. Here's how the Acer Predator Helios performed in our suite of the 'CoolBoost', the laptop still feels pretty hot to touch at around 97°F. GeForce Fortnite Bundle Digital Download Code with Purchase 04/25//18/19 or while supplies last. 6GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Graphics. 10// Gigabit Ethernet LAN (RJ Connector).


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Acer 300 F Driver


For starters, this is much more compact, with thinner bezels all around the screen. The weight is backed up by the increase in build quality.

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Thick pieces of metal are used for the lid cover, interior and sides, while the underbelly and bezels are made Acer 300 F hard plastic. That right corner, on the other hand, it often ended pressing just on my veins when typing, and I sure wish Acer would have somehow rounded up those front corners, as they do on the Triton As far as aesthetics go, the updated Helios is cleaner Acer 300 F it used to be.

Acer/BenQ 300F Driver

Acer went with a Black and Blue theme, and the interior is completely dark and simple once you peel off the stickers on the arm-restwith the status LEDs having been pushed to the sides. The updated Helios is otherwise a fairly practical computer. Large and grippy rubber feet keep the laptop excellently anchored on a desk, while the hinges are firm and smooth at the same Acer 300 F, allowing to easily lift up the screen with a single hand, push it to up to about degrees Acer 300 F the back, and keeping it as set-up even when moving the laptop around.

The speakers are still placed on the underbelly and bounce sound off the desk, but Acer implemented a slightly inclined angle to increase the gap to the surface beneath, Acer 300 F well as make them a little more difficult to cover while having the computer on the lap.

Plenty of space is allocated to the cooling as well, with admission grills on the bottom and sides, and large output cuts on the back. The video output options are on the right, though, so Acer 300 F will get in your way if you plan to hook up an external monitor, and the power plug is also rather inconveniently placed in the middle of Acer 300 F left side, due to the fact that the entire back is reserved for thermals.

The updated Acer 300 F lacks an SD card-reader, as well as Thunderbolt 3 support, which some of you might want in a mid-tier performance laptop.

Acer Predator Helios

All in all, Acer overhauled the Predator Helios into a Acer 300 F that can proudly stand next to any of the existing Acer 300 F. Keyboard and trackpad The updated Predator Helios gets a brand new keyboard, which is, in fact, the same as on the Nitro seriesbut with 4-zone RGB backlighting this time around.

The layout is standard, Acer 300 F the main deck of 15 x 15 mm keys, properly sized directional keys, and a smaller NumPad at the right. The keycaps are flat and smooth and feel nice to the touch.

Acer Predator Helios (HQ, GTX , Full HD) Laptop Review - Reviews

The LEDs are not directly placed beneath each keycap, though, and as a result, light creeps from beneath some the Acer 300 F. On the other hand, its color coverage, contrast and peak-brightness are only above average, so you should mostly keep this notebook indoors and hook-up an external screen for color-accurate work.


Panel Hardware ID: I found that the default Music setting was a fine balance. Andromeda on ultra settings at Acer 300 F with FXAA anti-aliasing, the game ran between 70 and 80 frames per second during battle and occasionally dropped down to 64 fps during interactive cutscenes.

Breve Análise do Portátil Acer Predator Helios (HQ, GTX , Full HD) -

The Best Gaming Laptops The Hitman benchmark p, very high settings rendered Acer 300 F 67 fps on the Heliosfalling behind the Leopard Pro 78 fps but ahead of the average 44 fpsthe Strix 30 fps and the Legion 60 fps. Grand Theft Auto V p, ultra settings played at 49 fps, which is slightly better than the average 47 fps and the Leopard Pro 48 Acer 300 F and much smoother than the Strix 23 fps. We consider anything over 30 fps to be playable.

The Predator achieved a score of 7. Performance Acer 300 F Predator is armed with a 2. I had 30 tabs open in Chrome while I watched a p stream on Twitch, and didn't see any lag.

On the Geekbench 4 overall performance test, the Predator notched a score of 13, overcoming the mainstream average 10, and the rest of the pack. The Acer 300 F earned a score of 13, the Strix reached 12, and the Leopard Pro achieved 12, It took the Predator 27 seconds to copy 4. The average is The Strix

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